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Morals of Mothy's Music


Hey guys! After seeing some comments about the ‘lesson’ to be learned from moonlit bear was ‘Don’t eat the fruit,’ I kinda thought of trying to find real morals and lessons that can be learned from the Evillious Chronicles. So, I’m going to pull as many morals from songs as I can. I’ll add an…

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me when i didnt knew about evillious:

me now:

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Master of the Raveyard.
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im leaving the fandom theres nothing i can do anymre that would possibly match up to this

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Hey, Evillious fandom. Miss me?

Hahaha ok so the original file size was WAAAYY bigger. Too big for tumblr. So sorry if the quality is a little blech. Anyway, have some Evillious “Last Supper” trash! I know, technically drawing the awakened vessels would have been more fitting but SHHHH.

Anyway here you go

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GUMI in the eyes of producers


Most ones:

Aw, look at that

She’s so kawaii!

Is she not the most adorable vocaloid ever?!


…Ok? A little bitchy sometimes but still great.

An emotionless assassin?



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evillious chronicles anime
evillious chronicles anime
we should have an evillious chronicles anime

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I fully understand the Evillious Chronicles
Said no one ever (via lonely-little-fangirl)
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Finally, they return to the forest
With an incredible amount of wrath

-Lu Li La, Lu Li La, The Resounding Song